Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first pie

So I had a bunch of cherries sitting around, and was sick of eating them plain, so to get rid of them, I decided to make a cherry pie! Instead of going to yoga as I would any other typical Wednesday, today baking was my stress relief/meditation time. First I had to eat dinner...

Ok that's not all I ate for dinner, don't worry. After that I breaded and fried some chicken and had steamed green beans and rice (such a well rounded meal! I know, you're impressed). But I had to get good and liquored up first with all this baking in my near future.

Ok on to the baking..

oh wait! No, no no, first I have to do dishes.

ok, NOW on to the baking. I decided to invest in a cherry pitter for this little project. Coolest. Gadget. EVER. It shoots out the pit like a nail gun and has a little protective shield so you don't get cherry juice everywhere (though I still managed to get it all over my white shirt somehow).

That's it on the lower right. After that was done, I added a shit ton of sugar:

"Shit ton" is actually the measurement that my baker brother suggested. That's what you get for taking baking advice from a poop doctor. But I digress...

I added lemon juice because I was using sweet cherries instead of sour (I think...with no comparison who the hell knows?)

Then I stirred that bad boy up (after adding tapioca)

Poured it into store-bought crust (I have neither time nor the counter space for dough-rolling) and jury-rigged some lattice work:

Baked, and voila!

A little spillover, but that's ok...right? Hopefully it takes ok and the whole foods crust isn't narsty : / I want to eat it now! With vanilla ice cream! But I think it has to "set." Will update with how it tastes...