Saturday, September 20, 2008

New to DC

So I'm sitting on the roof of my work building having lunch next to our green roof-cover garden, which just so happens to offer a nice view of my apartment building two blocks away, and my coworker, upon me pointing this out, says, "Oh, that's a popular new to DC building."

This is a seemingly innocuous statement. However, the problem was I heard: "Oh, that's a popular nudity-c building."

To which I responded with a look of horror and confusion, thinking "What? Is there some sort of government regulation called "Nudity-C" that designates a building or area clothes-free-friendly?? I haven't seen any naked folk around my place. I mean there ARE some pretty creepy/marginally crazy people in my complex, but no nudity. Gosh, how did I overlook this?!"

But, out loud, I said only, "what?" To which he annunciated: "new-to-D-C," and the feeling of panic and shock subsided.


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Mel said...

You could have been in for quite the surprise.