Sunday, December 23, 2007

I never sausage a thing!

A good pun makes my day. That one comes from a sign Sarah saw near South of the Border (b/t NC & SC...that border) on her way home.

It's Christmas Eve. Let me introduce you to the Curry Family Christmas:

"The tasteful Christmas: What is the purpose of it? You can be tasteful any time of year, why choose Christmas?" -Garrison Keillor, the Christmas edition of A Prairie Home Companion

Instead of It's a Wonderful Life, my family watches National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
We don't have stockings, but we have a 25-year old tree skirt that smells like cat piss. We may not have a real Christmas tree, but we have a hand-made stuffed one with a drooping star (even with the pencil stuck up it). We might not open presents until late afternoon on Christmas because a certain brother can't get his arse out of bed; the exterior illumination might look like it was assembled whilst intoxicated; the extent of our holiday decor may involve brittle plastic ribbons and garland warped from the heat of the attic; heck, we may not have "traditions" at all in the...traditional sense, but I think bickering, drinking, and laughing at ourselves just may count.

Xmas '05, looking like we're about to get executed?:
ah, that's more like it:

Merry Christmas, and "Hallelujah, HOLY SHIT!"


sball said...

I've so sat on that cannon before.

Beside the point said...

that's what she said.