Sunday, June 29, 2008

What it is.

So a good bout of depression, unemployment, lack of direction, and an overall existential crisis doesn't make for consistent blogging. My apologies for that. My hiatus from the blogging world had a lot to do with school and the final push at the end to finish everything. I can't believe I did it, but here I am.

I decided to read back over my previous posts to see if I wanted to continue doing this, and since I chuckled a few times at my own writing I decided to keep it going. At the very least I'm amusing myself! I landed on my Fail On! post from December 30th of last year. Now that it's six months later, I can evaluate whether or not I've kept my New Years resolutions. The half-way point is a good time to look back, right? Let's see how I'm doing:

Resolution 1. Don't date sociopaths. I think I'm doing good on this one. I tried to date a douchebag for like a week earlier this year, but that doesn't count. I said sociopaths weren't allowed, not douchebags.

Resolution 2. Break 24:00 in a 5k. Ok, still working on this. How was I so fucking fast last summer?? Even though I haven't met this goal, I did run my first 10k in a decent time back in April, so I'm proud of that. I might even be convinced to do a 1/2 marathon later this year. (maybe...)

Resolution 3. Be nicer to my parents. Check. Dad's coming into town and we're going to a Brave's game next week, and I don't get exasperated with my mom nearly as much.

Resolution 4. Finish my thesis and graduate. It was rough, there were times when I didn't think it was gonna happen, but by golly, I did it! Now, mustering up the willpower to pick up my thesis again and work on publishing it is another story...

5. Get a job. Hah, uhhh...well, this needs some work. I mean, technically I had one, but then it was gone. Not my fault.

6. Read more, shop less. I've been SO good about this. I used to be addicted to shopping, now I'm addicted to books, or at least buying them. Wait... dammit. ...

I can't believe 2008's half over.

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