Tuesday, August 5, 2008

not so fast...

Can't leave without a little reminiscing.

What I'll miss about our little house on Marlbroke Drive:
-the roomies: (note Boom Boom Belinda on the far right looking FABulous)
- the location! I heart Candler Park : (
-throwing fabulous gallery opening parties:- Juno peeing on Beth's couch

- those 5 or 6 times I tried to burn the house down and/or poison Beth with my cooking
- speaking of, gourmet dinners consisting usually of Tuna Helper prepared by Beth and I
- dance parties in the living room which Juno did NOT approve of
- stumbling out of my room each morning at an ungodly hour to find beth by the glow of her computer, apparently up for 3 or 5 hours already, and/or olivia telling me i look like a "baby kangaroo"

What I won't miss:
- flaming dryers
-$200 water bills and monthly calls to the incompetent employees at the Department of Watershed Management
-sloping floors so that when I pull my chair up to my desk, I roll backwards across the room
-2-3 spiders in the shower EVERY time I entered it (ok ok, which isn't so often but still.)
-cabinets falling off the walls
-olivia watching Dr. Phil every day at 5 ; )
-the murder stain (there when we moved in, mind you.)

- that time when 1,000s of termites emerged out of the shower drain in above bathroom then all mysteriously died 10 minutes later only to be told by our landlord (on the phone) that surely they weren't termites. yeah, i won't miss that.
-the dripping faucets, the running toilets, the cabinet doors that wouldn't close, and all the other annoying broken things in our crackden. good riddance!

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